Important End of Day Information

posted Oct 8, 2018, 1:25 PM by Eyre Elementary

End of Day Procedures

As a reminder, this year we are asking parents and other family members picking up children to follow these guidelines.

Closed CampusOur campus is closed from 3PM to 3:25 PM every day, eliminating problems arising with middle school students disrupting classes and other young children playing on the equipment prior to the end of the school day. This creates a safe and stress-free pick up. At 3:25PM, we will allow everyone access to the school grounds including families parked in cars.

End of Day Check out – To keep the classroom disruptions to a minimum, we ask that parents needing children before dismissal to pick children up prior to 3 PM.  We will be glad to make exceptions for doctor appointments and other true emergencies.  If the pick-ups become excessive, we may require proof of medical appointments.

End of the Day Messages – In order to guarantee that your child receives the message correctly, we are asking parents with end of day messages to call us before 3 PM.  We cannot guarantee message delivery for calls after 3 PM.