School Closure Information

posted Dec 1, 2015, 1:38 PM by Eyre Elementary

School Closure Information

We have several ways to notify parents of school closures. Our automatic phone dialer calls every Mary Eyre student-household to notify families of closures or delays. We notify all local TV and radio stations with closure information, and the school district website has closure information.  Go to and follow the link “Emergency Closure/Delays.”


The automatic calling system only works if we have the correct phone number on file.  If your phone has changed or you suspect we have an old number, please call the school. We’ll be happy to verify or update your phone number.

All day closure

  • All programs at school are closed for the entire day (evening programs too!)

    2 hour delay

  • The start of the school day is moved ahead exactly two hours, including bus schedules and school opening times.

  • Lunches will be served.