Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 2015-16

posted Mar 29, 2016, 2:52 PM by Eyre Elementary
Please view the information regarding the Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy for the 2015-2016 school year.

Mary Eyre Elementary School

Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy


The education of children at Mary Eyre Elementary School is a collaborative effort that involves students, teachers, and parents working together to achieve high academic and personal performance. Parents can participate in their child’s education and receive information in the following ways:

 1.                  Each year a parent meeting will be held prior to October 1. The Parent Club meetings will be held five times a year. This schedule will be available in the main office as well as printed on the first bi-monthly newsletter sent home. The September meeting will solicit parent feedback about the CAP, Parent Involvement Policy, Parent Compact, and the evaluation of parent involvement activities. During this meeting, information about being a Title 1 school will be shared along with a purposed budget for the year. Since Mary Eyre is a school-wide Title 1 program, parents will give feedback and suggestions on how the budget will be utilized for the improvement of the entire school.  

2.                  Five times throughout the year, outside of our family nights, parents are invited to come to a parent meeting where critical issues around student achievement and school operations are discussed. The first meeting is to occur before October 1 of the current school year. Parents of migrant students are also invited to attend one meeting a year where they can learn about resources, health insurance, and supporting their children in school. Translation and child care are provided for all parent meetings.

3.                  Parents will be notified of their child’s academic progress through these means: progress reports in November, March, and June; parent conferences in November and March will contain specific information on individual student performance in relation to common core state standards (CCSS); weekly updates of grades and missing assignments, and informal contacts throughout the year.

4.                  Parents will receive student’s individual assessment results, known as the Records of Standard Achievement (RSA), and the interpretation of these results through a district mailing by June 30.

5.                  A description of grade-level expectations and CCSS will be presented to parents at Back-to-School Night in September. Parents will also receive written information of state standards and evaluation procedures at Parent Conferences in November.

6.                  By November 30, a School-Parent Compact will be signed for each Mary Eyre Elementary School student. This compact specifies the responsibilities of the school, parents, and students in the education process. In order to achieve and maintain high academic standards, this compact will address the importance of ongoing communication between parents and teachers to build and sustain a successful partnership for the education of their children.

 7.                  Mary Eyre Elementary will provide adult education to the parents in the community through programs such as parent trainings after parent club meetings and offers from churches and other groups such as the Coalition for Equality. The intent of all these meetings is to help parents better understand the important connection between what they do at home with what occurs at school. These trainings will also help educate parents on how they can positively contribute and have input into their child’s education.   

8.                  The school will also host Parenting For Success in April and Eyre Exploration Night in May. During these events, teachers and instructional assistants provide information about reading, writing, math, science, and the arts at Mary Eyre. Parents are also given suggestions on how they can help their children at home in these subject areas.  

9.                  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom or at special events. Additional parental assistance can be provided from home through the preparation of instructional materials and planning of special events. Parents are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher or the office for volunteer opportunities.

10.              Mary Eyre Elementary School utilizes a Community School Outreach Coordinator (CSOC) to serve and provide assistance to the community. This coordinator works closely with the community providing resources and encouraging parents to get involved within the school. This person also conducts home visits, coordinates events, and connects with business partners.

11.              The Eyre Mail newsletter, which is released during the first and third weeks of every month, will keep parents posted as to information and activities that are happening at Mary Eyre Elementary School. The use of our auto-dialer system keeps parents informed ahead of events and non-school days. Signage in and outside of the building, the school website, and informational fliers are other forms of communication are used to notify parents of all activities and events. Information is shared and printed in both English and Spanish.   

12.              Mary Eyre uses Title 1 funds to pay for reasonable and necessary expenses associated with parent involvement activities including materials, handouts, childcare, and light snacks. Parents also provide feedback on the use of these funds and suggestions on future parent involvement spending.

13.              If parents request, the school will provide opportunities for regular meetings to allow parents to give suggestions in the decisions being made in the education of their children.

14.              In partnership with Oregon State University Food and Nutrition program, parent nights will be offered to help parents learn about healthy cooking and eating. These events will be held two to three times a year.


The Mary Eyre Elementary School Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed on by both school and parent representatives of children of Mary Eyre.

This policy was adopted by Mary Eyre Elementary on September 30 and will be in effect for the period of one year.  The school will distribute this policy to all parents on or before October 30, 2015 via our school website and copies will be available in the main office.

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Parents who contributed to this plan:

Maria Carrasco

Carey Sweat

Gabriela Ceja

Priscilla Villalobos

Amber Landa

Jill Ekre

Jessica Brenden

** Signatures of above parents that attended parent club can be found in the Sept. minutes/notes.